I have been a wallpaper specialist since 2001 representing various wallpaper principals, suppliers and wallpaper houses.  I also source and import exclusive and bespoke wallpapers of top quality from all over the world.

The ranges are wide from vinyl, grasscloths, raffia, velours, flocks, paintables, embossed, textured, murals and custom digital wallpaper from a favourite photo or choose from thousands of images; I even have a sticker range.


Please visit my showroom where I can help you get a feel for what you are trying to achieve by paging through the many books and catalogues; I have enormous ranges and there are loads of patterns, textures, colours and designs to choose from and I will assist you with installation, technical queries including wall preparation, calculations and quantities required.

My goal is to provide wall coverings that will transform a boring wall to a wall of beauty and great appeal! I have been involved in the wallpaper business since 2001 and I am passionate about the service I provide!

Decorators are welcome to bring their clients and I offer a professional and personalized service to the Interior Designer and Architectural Profession.


Choose your own image from shutterstock.com or provide your own high resolution image/artwork and I will print according to your exact wall measurements - height & width onto a wall covering which is made from 100% polyester fabric which has a canvas like quality to it; it can be repositioned at a later stage - it can be removed from the wall and reinstalled, hence it is the new generation of wallpaper.  The wallcovering is transformational in any room whether it be an office. bedroom, bathroom, in fact any wall.

Custom Prints are printed on the latest HP Latex Machine, this means that the inks contain no hazardous air pollutants (HAP’s) and no ventilation is required as the inks are odourless,  they don’t smudge and they meet AgBB criteria and are rated A+ per emissions


There are wallpapers that are made from sustainable materials and production processes. They are VOC free and printed on paper from managed resources. There are also papers made from natural fibres such as grasscloth, arrowroot, bamboo, cattail, jute, reed, rush and sea grass - they are my personal favourites and I highly recommend them! Cork is also an option and looks amazing.

I have fibreglass green products which absorb 70% of all VOC’S in the air.  The Custom Digital Prints contain no hazardous air pollutants and meet the AgBB criteria and are Rated A+ per emissions.


I have an expert team of wallpaper installers and vinyl applicators and offer complete and professional installation of all the products, ensuring the best results. We use the correct glues and have many years’ experience in hanging wallpaper including custom digital prints.

I provide on-site measurements and inspections on request to ensure a professional end result